Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas fun!
The last week of term was very busy with lots of practice for the show, and making lots of fun Christmas crafts that help to refine, fine motor skills!

Nada enjoying the 'snow'! 

However there was some time for inquiry and discovery based learning. The snow was a mixture of corn flour and shaving foam.  Seeing chemical reactions like this is very exciting for the students, and allows them to think about the wider world and different materials within it.

Boys from K1 and K2 sharing the snow 
The snow was mold-able and many of the students decided to make snow balls and snow men!

Using their hands to mix the ingredients!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The topic for the last two weeks in kindergarten two has been The five sense's. We have been doing lots of work that helps us understand the world around us, through out senses.

Making our own ice creams!
Making ice creams was an extenstion of our sense of taste activity. We talked about what kind of ice cream flavours we liked, and weather or not salty ice cream would taste good!

Using our sense of smell 
Exploring our sense of smell with a blind smell test was very excitting. Some students have an excellenet sense of smell when it comes to sniffing out the chocolate.....

Exploring our sense of taste!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Welcome to kindergarten two’s blog! This blog will be updated every two weeks with information about what’s going on during class time, with accompanying images.

Working on number formation and fine motor skills!
This week in kindergarten 2 we have been doing lots of work revising numbers, letter and sounds! Using a range of media and materials to reinforce important concepts helps early learners retail crucial  information.

Developing cognative thinking and problem solving skills in maths

With the assessments this last week we have been focusing on math and problem solving skills, this is done through fun challenges which give the children plenty of opportunity to think and grow as individuals.

Small world play, to develop childrens social skills
Although there has been a lot of time spent this week on numbers letters and sounds, there has still been lots of time left for creative play and social growth and interaction. Small world play is a crucial part of the British curriculum which allows children to understand the wider world through imitation.