Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Jungle theme in kindergarten two!

This week for expressive art and design kindergarten two decided to make some cheeky monkeys! 

Folding some springey monkey legs!

Folding paper in a concertina fashion to make spring legs for our monkeys was pretty difficult, but everyone tried really hard!

Painting some cheeky monekeys!
When we finished folding our monkey legs, we went on to 
painting our Monkey bodies!
Earn painting her binoculars!

Ticking off butterfly on the jungle animal hunt!

We have been lots of fun adventures in Kindergarten two since we began to explore the jungle. We made binoculars, then used them to go on an animal hunt! 


                                                       Yaya showing some holiday pictures during show and tell

In term 3 we have introduced weekly show and tell. On Fridays everyone in kindergarten two gets to bring in something they would like to share with their friends, and talk about it during morning circle time.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

           A fun welcome back week!

Yaya, working on sequencing activity

This week is the first week back to school, and the start of a whole new topic for kindergarten two. We have been learning all about the Jungle, and what animals you can find living there.

Sequencing activity 
We have been doing lots of work with numbers. On Thursday we did a sequencing activity. Putting the numbers in the correct order meant we could see the hidden jungle picture in the puzzle. 

Cooling off with some jungle theme water play!
This week has been very hot, so we decided to cool down with some jungle themed water play. We took it in turns to play with the water, and practiced sharing with our friends. 

Play dough table 
Everyone in kindergarten two loves play dough, so using the play dough mats to do jungle inspired activities is great fun! Play dough is a great way to practice fine motor skills and have fun with your friends. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Shapes, world book day and lots of pirate fun!

This week in kindergarten 2 has been lots of fun, we have been continuing our pirate theme and working lots on our social and interpersonal skills

Oon practicing being a pirate!

Everyone working together to make a pirate ship for the role play area 

We have also been doing lots of work on shapes, not just how to draw, but recognizing what shapes look like, and how we can spot them during play

Nice drawing shapes using chalk outside

Songveng using play dough to make an oval shape!

World book day was lots of fun, with everyone dressed up as their favorite characters! In kindergarten two we decided that because one of our favorite books was the hungry caterpillar we were going to make our very own, very big hungry caterpillar using paper mache.   

On world book day making the hungry caterpillar!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Under the Sea in Kindergarten 2!

Korn learning the under the sea words with play dough!

This week in kindergarten two we have been learning lots about the ocean. We have been learning all about living and non-living things you might find under the sea. 

Everyone decorating their aquarium!

For the past two weeks in kindergarten we have been working on our very own aquariums. Using real shells and sand and lots of under the sea stickers!

Some students playing with the jigsaw during free choice play.

It’s important for children to develop a sense of independence; we allow this to develop by free choice play once a week. Giving children the chance to play with their favorite toys or puzzles in class. 

Coloring competition for Chinese new year !

Next week is Chinese New year, Students have been practicing singing Chinese songs in Chinese class, but we also decided to take part on a coloring competition. Winners will be announced at the Chinese assembly next Friday. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

The first topic of the new term this is the Ocean! In kindergarten two we have been learning all about what kind of different things you find under the sea. 

 Working together to create a giant submarine and anchor was very fun!

Team work is an important part of learning how to share and work with your friends nicely. 

One of the things that happens in the ocean is fishing! In kindergarten two we went outside the classroom to try our hand at fishing. Using magnetic rods and fish was very tricky, and required lots of hand eye co-ordination!

Looking at shells through the magnifying glass is very interesting, you can see all the curves and lines the ocean has made!