Monday, 7 March 2016

Shapes, world book day and lots of pirate fun!

This week in kindergarten 2 has been lots of fun, we have been continuing our pirate theme and working lots on our social and interpersonal skills

Oon practicing being a pirate!

Everyone working together to make a pirate ship for the role play area 

We have also been doing lots of work on shapes, not just how to draw, but recognizing what shapes look like, and how we can spot them during play

Nice drawing shapes using chalk outside

Songveng using play dough to make an oval shape!

World book day was lots of fun, with everyone dressed up as their favorite characters! In kindergarten two we decided that because one of our favorite books was the hungry caterpillar we were going to make our very own, very big hungry caterpillar using paper mache.   

On world book day making the hungry caterpillar!