Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Jungle theme in kindergarten two!

This week for expressive art and design kindergarten two decided to make some cheeky monkeys! 

Folding some springey monkey legs!

Folding paper in a concertina fashion to make spring legs for our monkeys was pretty difficult, but everyone tried really hard!

Painting some cheeky monekeys!
When we finished folding our monkey legs, we went on to 
painting our Monkey bodies!
Earn painting her binoculars!

Ticking off butterfly on the jungle animal hunt!

We have been lots of fun adventures in Kindergarten two since we began to explore the jungle. We made binoculars, then used them to go on an animal hunt! 


                                                       Yaya showing some holiday pictures during show and tell

In term 3 we have introduced weekly show and tell. On Fridays everyone in kindergarten two gets to bring in something they would like to share with their friends, and talk about it during morning circle time.

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